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branding &marketing

In today’s marketplace, your brand is more than just a logo.  It extends through the far reaches of everything you do.  It becomes a part of the consumer’s identity and collective consciousness and is communicated in languages that are visual, verbal, musical – and sometimes all three.

Radah Branding is establishing a legacy in both the corporate and creative sectors, Dr. Mike Woods is more than a CEO. He is a proficient influencer of all things that pertain to life.  His ability to connect with consumers and serve as a mentor to entrepreneurs, entertainers, athletes, Heads of State, and etc. has been recognized by top organizations inculcated with his many satisfied clients.

The techniques Mike engineered remain at the core of Radah Branding’s team’s expert mindset and approach. We believe a successful brand is the product of strategy, creativity, and willingness to break a few rules.  Our innovative, targeted strategies achieve this end for businesses – meaningful, powerful and profitable.


Services include:

  • Brand strategy and positioning

  • Brand identity development and design

  • Style guide creation

  • Entertainment and event strategy

  • Marketing and advertising campaign development

  • Viral campaigns

  • Executive workshops

  • Day-to-day media relations and counsel

  • Product Development & Deployment

  • Licensing Your Innovation to Larger Entities for Capital

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